Building Conservation

We will guide you through the feasibility, detailed planning and construction phases. We advise on every aspect of a project, from access to securing grants and using sustainable materials.

Design and New Buildings

We design new buildings in historic settings using our skills and expertise of traditional materials, appropriate new methods of construction and contemporary design.

Conservation Planning

We have an in-house architectural historian who researches documentary evidence to understand the evolution of historic buildings, so we make informed approaches to repairs, alterations and new design in historic sites. We prepare Conservation Plans, Fabric Condition Reports and Heritage Impact Assessments.

Strategic Planning

We are specialists in providing long term strategic advice to repair, maintain and preserve buildings in historic settings.


We are committed to providing sustainable building solutions and promoting environmentally friendly working procedures as summarised in our Environmental Policy.


We are able to advise regarding accessibility in historic environments, balancing the need to preserve significant features with the desire to achieve access for all. We have wide experience of designing appropriate and discreet access solutions.

Materials Science

We specialise in understanding the history, construction and materials science of buildings and are experts in the use of traditional materials and techniques.

Disaster Management

We have extensive experience in disaster management. We advise on appropriate methods to safeguard and secure vulnerable buildings and structures.

Public Engagement

We are able to assist our Clients in explaining our projects to visitors and the public, through participation at open days, specialist tours and lectures.